Japanese Restaurant Guide

Experience Japanese Food

A swift guide on Japanese food - the names of food listed on the menu as well as the list of ingredients utilized in the dishes can cause you some confusion at first. On the other hand, the moment that you understand that rice is a staple food of Japanese people and that it creates the base of most of the Japanese foods, then you will have a better understanding on what will be included in your orded. A couple of the most famous types of rice are rice cakes or mocha and steamed rice or gohan. Accompaniments are composed of okazu which is served together with a rice and soup, tamagoyaki or rolled omelet, nori or dry seaweed and so on. Asa-gohan is one of the food that is served during breakfast. This is composed of a bowl of steamed rice. In addition, Japanese cooking also utilized a great deal of seafoods too.

Buffet that don't empty your wallet - you will find a lot of restaurants in the United States that provide buffets at prices you can afford. A sushi buffet for two people will cost about 24 US dollars and this is great for lunch. The price will include soft drinks as well. Another outlet gives beef rolled asparagus together with shrimp. They also give pistachios, ice creams (hint: try the red bean ice cream) and green tea - which is a great way to end your meal. The usual price range is about 12 dollars. Another famous Japanese buffet restaurant will charge 11 dollars during weekdays. You can eat as much sushi and hibachi as you like, on the other hand, you need to pay 2 additional dollars on the weekends.

Equipment utilized in best Japanese restaurants - on the whole, various means of cooking need different kinds of equipment and it is similar for the Japanese as well. A couple of typical Osaka Japanese restaurants take in special knives because these restaurants utilize different kinds of techniques for cutting vegetables and other ingredients. The grater is another vital item found on the kitchen. While the ground sesame seeds can be bought in the market, the Japanese prefer to utilize the freshly ground sesame seeds, hence, a grinder is important. In addition, a special mat that is utilized for rolling the sushi is another vital equipment that is found in a Japanese kitchen. The chopsticks are a must if you are going to eat Japanese food, and they are vital part of the kitchen equipment.